Audio Assemble is a web site that was created so that people can easily and qucikly learn how to use Pro Tools recording software, and everything that comes a long with it. It was founded in 2008, and will continue to serve as your one-stop Pro Tools learning center for as long as Pro Tools is the music Industry Standard for recording (which we think will be a very long time).

This web site is not just for Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools 9 users – it is for all lovers of music. The site will take many different approaches on delivering what you need as a producer, musician, and overall music lover to help you understand recording and the music industry and how it plays an important factor in our lives whether you are a professional or ameteur music producer, or whether you are just someone that is interested!

There are four main goals for Audio Assemble.

  1. Help all levels of protools users to understand their software better.
  2. Help educate musicans and producers on the best types of equipment to use
  3. Help musicians and producers have the edge in their career by providing a free avenue of information directly relevant to their career and passion
  4. Have Fun

Are you thinking of becoming a Producer?

Then this is the site for you. You will be able to gain extensive knowledge on how to use your tools as a producer (if you have already bought them).

Stick around if you are interested in learning, and if you are interested in learning for free. If you are interested in helping us then please visit our contact page where you will learn how you can help and potentially join us in our quest to bring the best Pro Tools Tutorial website come to life.