Travel Smart with Protools

If you haven’t made the discovery by now: Protools is a powerful, innovative audio program that makes music and audio production virtually limitless. However, it tends to consume precious computer resources and can be a headache to manage if you’re traveling or setting up a home studio. Here are some tips to make Protools more manageable in your professional life.

Traveling with Protools

With laptops, the ability to work and travel anywhere is a luxurious idea. However, Protools is not a light program and will require a special computer to run at full capacity.

First, consider the amount of computing power that your computer will be running. You should have more than enough RAM to run both the program and also physical memory for the files that you will be working on.

Second, look into external drives if your internal SSDs are not very fast. Working with external drives will not only help in keeping copies of your work safe, but they will help with the speed of outputting your files. If you’re running an OSX laptop, look for getting Thunderbolt Drives.

Third, upgrading your laptop will not be an inexpensive investment by any means. In the audio producing world, you literally pay for what you get. Invest wisely.

At Your Home Studio

Because many home based studios are looking for saving money anywhere, investing in a more expensive computer may not be an option. Home studio owners may want to still travel to remote assignments as needed.

Pro Tip: Here is a good article on air travel with pro tools.

Fortunately, Protools is offered on a lighter basis under Protools Express. This lighter, entry level version of Protools comes at both a lesser cost and, depending on its intended use in a home studio, can be run on a regular laptop with a reasonable amount of RAM (8GB recommended) and internal memory.

Classes for Protools

Classes are offered all over the Unites States in many different locations. Classes are offered by varying complexity and it is advised to start with the introductory course if you are new to Protools or want to hone your basic skills. Below are some options for you to consider when selecting a Protools class.

Free Classes: some local music stores offer free Protools classes throughout the year. You may have to look up locations and times on your preferred search engine. These types of offers are great if you’re just starting out and you’re not sure if you want to stick with Protools for the long term.
Official Classes: Protools offers certification after completion of their courses. This certification can help in a search for an audio production job. This option is catered towards individuals who are serious about their professions. The courses offered toward certification are generally offered on a first-come, first-serve basis throughout the year. Locations will vary. Also, keep in mind that these official courses do cost much more than “free”.

Take Away

Protools is an excellent with a lot of application towards a professional career or a home based studio. Because it is a heavy program, precautions should be taken to assure that your computer system will be able to handle the technical load of both the audio files you will work with and the program itself. Classes are offered in many areas, but some research many be required to find the right one for you. Some of the classes are offered free in varying areas while official classes are offered so that Protools certification can be achieved for potential career advancement. Overall, review your goals and your needs to discover what is the best option for you.

Pro Tools Classes in Austin, TX

Taking time to choose the best Pro tools is paramount. Try to find the most convenient training center for you. It is advisable to select a college offering superb services at the most competitive charges.

Makes sure you are well prepared before starting your classes. It is also a perfect idea to visit your ideal training center prior to commencing the course. You can also consult an expert in the field or a trusted friend for the best advice.

The best pro tools classes in Austin Texas:

  • ProMedia Training: You are required to fax a copy of the required items on your first day. The requirements include:
    • A College Diploma
    • College Transcripts
    • A GED
    • Transcripts showing that you completed High School
    • A copy of your High School Diploma.
  • Applicant must have a high school diploma before applying for the course. The instructors are time conscious. However, you may be required to stay longer for certain lessons that may require some extra time. On the first day, plan on being there by 9:45am to complete your paperwork.

The Recording Conservatory of Austin (TRCOA): This is a superior facility that offers quality Pro tools courses. The facility features an isolation booth for tracking very unique vocal and voice-overs, guitar, and bass. The drum room helps you to perfect your vocals, percussion, and trucking drums. The spacious area of the Live Room is suitable for tracking a live session.

You will find the best environment for learning how to produce the best natural reverb. The facility also features a control room where students can work on assignments and project editing needs. One of the control rooms holds a very useful Digidesign Pro Tools MBox Pro system. The other second room is useful in editing, mixing and also mastering most projects.

Austin Community College (ACC): this is a state-of-the-art training center where students are holistically trained on how to analyze and maximize design models to comply with design specifications. Feature creation tools and advanced sketching techniques are part of the course. You will be able to modify design models after completing the course. After completing your course, you will be able to create complex assemblies using a top-down design process.

The Advanced Assembly Management with Pro/Engineer Wildfire course fully covers the top-down design process. The course also helps you to improve your modeling. After completing your course, you will also be able to use a new user interface without facing any drawback. There is also a course on how to create sheetmetal design models, as well as the flat state of the model.

Students are able to design sheetmetal parts and assemblies easily after completing their courses. There is a course that involves designing sheetmetal products with Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2.0. Designing projects will be very easy for you after finishing your course. Main topics covered include basic model management, drawings, assemblies, part modeling, sketching, and much more.

The courses offered at this center enable students create complete production drawings suitable for manufacturing. Students are trained how to use information captured within 3-D design models to create detailed drawings.

There is a course that focuses on creating production drawings with Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2.0. The course will help you to design superb drawings. There even more to learn at the center. The Pro/Engineer classes at the ACC are taught by PTC certified instructors.

To summarize, the above are the famous centers where you can enroll for your Pro Tool classes in Texas US. You should choose a facility that best suits your personal needs. Only choose a training center offering high-quality services at customized charges.

Student and Educational Discounts for Avid Pro Tools

To purchase Avid Pro Tools with academic discounts verification of student, teacher or institutional status is handled by Identit-e. After the verification process, your license will be issued.

Avid pricing seem to be consistent from most resellers and stores that sell them and there are a great many places to find Pro Tools. Not only are they at eBay for a little more and Amazon, the software is at a variety of academic, music, and software stores and at the Avid website. There are also retailers for the software in Australia, Germany and England.

The range of Avid Pro Tools 11 include:

  • For Higher Ed Students Only for Windows or Mac Activation card for $299
  • Student Upgrade from Pro Tools 9 to 11 for $99
  • Student Crossgrade from Pro Tools LE for $99
  • Student Crossgrade from Pro Tools M-Powered for $99
  • Avid Pro Tools 11 – For Faculty or Teachers for $299
  • Teachers Upgrade from Pro Tools 10 to 11 for $99
  • Teachers Upgrade from Pro Tools 9 to 11 for $99
  • Teacher Crossgrade from Pro Tools M-Powered for $99
  • Avid Pro Tools 11 – For Educational Institutions Activation Card with iLok for $299
  • Educational Institution Upgrade from Pro Tools 10 to Pro Tools 11 for $99
  • Educational Institution Upgrade from Pro Tools 9 to Pro Tools 11 for $99
  • Educational Institution Crossgrade from Pro Tools LE for $99
  • Pro Tools Upgrade and Support Plan for Pro Tools for $99

This list was composed from a more comprehensive listing at Studica.

Avid’s Pro Tools 11 academic discounts are for students, teachers and schools to take advantage of. Pro Tool 11 is a professional music creation and audio recording software program used by top professionals around the world. Avid claims its Pro Tools have redefined film, music and the television industries. It provides everything you need to compose, edit, record and mix audio. Pro Tools 11 Student Edition is the most powerful and bestselling audio production software program. Pro Tools for Education provides the same tools, features and workflows at an incredible savings. It gives students a head start on a successful career. For video editing, the Avid’s Media Composer 7 is the best tool to use for editing movies, making commercials, tv shows or other video or film editing task. Purchasers of Avid Pro Tools 11 will get a free upgrade to the Pro Tools 12 upon release.

Some online resources for purchasing Avid Pro Tools include:

  1. Studica offers $10 off orders of $100 or more for signing up for email news at They also offer special student discount on Avid education software and allows every student to buy the desired software from Avid Education Store.
  2. Musician’s Friend claims that Avid Pro Tools 11 Student is priced at a discount for eligible students at $299 and free shipping at
  3. B&H Photo Video and Radio offers Avid Pro Tools 11 – Professional Audio Software Student Edition with Activation Card and iLok for $299 as the educational discounted version available to qualified students at
  4. Sweetwater Music Instrument and Pro Audio at offers the Academic edition of Pro Tools 11 at $299 for qualifying students.
  5. Turramurra Music Online Store has education upgrades for any registered version of Pro Tools versions 9, 10, or 11, for $119 at
  6. Alto Music has the Avid Pro Tool 11 and 12 Student Bundle with free Fast Track Solo USB interface for $299 at
  7. Student calls itself the Academic Software experts has the Pro Tool 11 for $299 at
  8. The Avid Pro Tool 10 is offered by the starting at $99 at
  9. has the Pro Tools 11 Student Edition with iLok for $299 at
  10. Creation Engine Education and Nonprofit discounts make the Pro Tools 11 available to institutions, teachers and students for $299 at
  11. has the Avid 99006545900 Pro Tools Student Activation care for $299 at
  12. has the Pro Tools Software Upgrades with Annual Upgrade + Support Plan for $199 at
  13. In Germany, it can be found at Thomann where it is sold for €255 or £188.05 at
  14. In England the software is at Software 4 Students £229.95 at

Some advantages to purchasing include:

  • You get the same tools use by professions with discounted prices for students, teacher and faculty, and institutions.
  • Avid Pro Tools gives the best quality sound to you productions and it gives the tools to create like a pro.
  • You will have every instrument through built-in MIDI and notation tools.
  • You can tune every performance into the perfect take.
  • Your Avid Video Engine can play and edit HD video right in Pro Tools timeline.
  • Pro Tools has the effects and processing plug-ins to polish mixes and expand your palette.
  • Pro Tools can be set automatically to dial in the perfect mix.
  • Pro Tools allows staying current with upgrades and ahead with support that keeps you aware of what’s coming, such as Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools and Avid Marketplace features.
  • You get expert help and advice whenever you need through Avid Standard Support.

At the Avid website you will find a lot more option for using its professional software. Pro Tools 12 is offered as a monthly subscription for $8.25 at There are also free trials and software on this page. Pro Tools HD is featured at

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Pro Tools has answered the prayers of a lot of audio engineers and has released a lot of bug fixes with version 11.2.1. The announcement of version 12 leaves many people now understanding why Pro Tools 11 ever even happened.

Pro Tools 11 was just a migration path to Pro Tools 12 (but I digress about version 12 as this article is about 11.2.1)

There are many reasons why one would choose not to buy Pro Tools, especially with the latest of the releases – the 11th addition. Pro Tools 11 is known to come with many different issues. Whether it is the iLok, the amount of plugins that are not available, the high pricing point, or the number of different bugs in the system – people are having their doubts.

But Alas! There is a current upgrade from 11 to 11.2.1 that fixes a lot of the problems (although not all of them).

I work in web development. This is an industry that might just be updated more often than the sound engineering industry. When you are working with new development languages, there are always going to be bugs. But sometimes, what gains you the most experience, is being the first person to find those bugs and to work around those bugs. Ok now, that I have prefaced the rest of the article with that… Let’s go into what you might want to do.

According to Pro Tools Expert, The top reasons (or excuses for that matter) for sound engineers to not buy the audio engineering software include (keep in mind that I am paraphrasing here):

  • “Waiting to see what happens.”
  • “A lot of plugins are not ready”
  • “iLok has issues.”
  • “My current version of PT does everything I need”
  • “It’s too expensive”
  • “There are better DAWs out there”
  • “I’m still skeptical about it”
  • “I strongly dislike Avid”
  • “I’m done with PT and am going with a new DAW”

There were definitely a lot of issues with Pro Tools when it first came out. There were a ton of bugs and people were genuinely upset about the software and the direction that Avid was going in. It has definitely sparked the thought of….. “Is Pro Tools Taking On Too Much at One Time?”

But there were a lot of bug fixes in version 11.2.1. – one of the major ones being the delay compensation bug.

But know this, some of the top production engineers out there are still using Pro Tools on a daily basis to make their number one hits. This is because Pro Tools is still one of the best (if not THE BEST) DAW’s out there.

If you are right smack dab in the middle of a project. Then don’t buy it. But please , compare and look at the best versions of Pro Tools before you actually make a decision.

Doing Aerial Imagery For Music Videos

Have you noticed lately that aerial videography and photography is becoming huge in the music and production industry because of the affordability of drones? It doesn’t cost as much as a helicopter would, and you can get great quality from them – especially if the person doing the work has a high quality drone.

If your a pro tools producer that also dabbles in making your clients’ music videos, I would suggest finding someone that has a drone that you could use for the music video. We work with Aerial Imagery Works and they do a fantastic job.

Movement Detroit Electronic Music Festival 2015 Phase 1 Lineup is Announced

The Movement Electronic Music Festival is the biggest electronic music festival in the midwest. It takes place at heart plaza in Detroit and people fly in from all over the globe to attend the event. The festival is filled with people that love the festival, love getting dressed up, and getting down to good tunes in the city where techno was born – Detroit.

This years lineup is filled with amazing talent, and even has a special appearance from Snoop Dogg (who is taking the name DJ Snoopadelic). The lineup also includes the Disclosure – DJ Set which is another big name in both electronic music and mainstream.

To see who else is on the 2015 lineup, click here.


Shapeless, a company based out of Metro-Detroit, developed the web site.

Upgrade to Pro Tools 11

At the bottom of this article are the links to the Pro Tools 11 upgrades. Check for your version and activation card.

There are many advantages to using Pro Tools 11. It marks the beginning of new era when it comes to audio production.

Here are some basic notes about Pro Tools that you should know before upgrading.

Major Changes. Advantages & Disadvantages

New Audio/Video Engines

For producers highly involved in post-production, there is a new engine for handling video. It’s the Avid Video Engines and it is taken from their flagship video-editing program, Media Composer X.

The new audio engine is a lot more intelligent has much better support for handling processors with multiple cores. In fact there are a ton of powerful additions to this new audio engine like and the overall outcome of them all is that it delivers multiple times the processing power of Pro Tools 10 on the exact same hardware configurations.

Pro Tools 11 is a 64-BIT Application
PT11 is now a 64-Bit Application and the disk cache is now part of the Pro Tools Process itself. The downfall of this is that it can now only run 64-Bit plugins (specifically only 64-bit AAX plug-ins). This shouldn’t be a MAJOR setback however because it should be pretty easy for serious companies that have created 32-Bit plugins to convert them to 64-Bit plugins. In the interim (perhaps before all of your plugins get upgraded) you can run PT10 and PT11 on the same machine (as PT!! comes with a PT10 license) if you want to use your 32-BIT plugins.

HD Cards?

Are you running HD cards? If you are you’ll need to upgrade to HDX or HD Native hardware if you want to use Pro Tools HD-11. AVID has said that they haven’t done “anything to make them not work” – so you can take your chances if you are feeling lucky while running the ‘blue’ interfaces. However its probably better to play it safe and run with the new interfaces when you are upgrading your system. If you go the “lucky route” you never know what issues can start to arise.

Now Separate System for HD
The Complete Production ToolKit is now also coming to an end. This initially allowed users that were using the software-only Pro Tools package (available since version 8) to gain access to features found only in the Pro Tools HD application. This means that there is no longer a way for users that go the software-only route to use the HD features without buying an HD system. This increases the price of “going HD” for Pro Tools Eleven users dramatically.

Nutshell Features for Pro Tools 11 Upgrade:

  • Full 64-Bit Release
  • New Avid Video/Audio Engine
  • Offline Bounce
  • Low Latency Buffer Mode
  • Satellite Link/Video Satellite LE included
  • Redesigned Workspace
  • Extended Metering
  • UI Improvements / Retina Support
  • Automation While Recording
  • Mixing workflow Enhancements

Avid Pro Tools 10 to 11 Upgrade (Activation Card)

Avid Pro Tools 10 to 11 Upgrade Teacher (Activation Card)

Avid Pro Tools 9 to 11 Upgrade (Activation Card)

Avid Pro Tools HD 9 to HD11 Upgrade (Activation Card)

Avid Pro Tools Hd 9 To Hd11 Upgrade (Activation Card)

Avid Pro Tools Hd 9 To Hd11 Upgrade (Activation Card)

Avid Pro Tools 9 To 11 Upgrade Student (Activation Card)

Avid Pro Tools Hd 9 To Hd11 Upgrade (Activation Card)

Keyboard Accessories To Help With Shortcuts & Efficiency

Are you trying to work faster in your Pro Tools environment? If you are an audio engineer or someone that even simply dabbles in using Pro Tools then you might want to invest in a keyboard that will help you along the way with learning shortcuts. Lucky for you, there are many keyboards out there that have the shortcuts printed right on the key, and if you are using the software on your computer all day – everyday, then it makes perfect sense to replace your stock keyboard with these pro Tools Specific Keyboards. Whether you are looking for a keyboard for your mac book, for your iMac, or even for your Windows computer.

Anyways just go to and check out all of the cool keyboards they offer with a search like “Pro Tools Keyboards” and you will see all of the different options they offer. They can be a bit pricey, but if you are just starting out, they are totally worth it, and for the most part they get around 4-5 star reviews from previous users.

Ten Weird & Unique Musical Instruments

Check out these really cool instruments created by people just like you and I. With homemade instruments like these… Who needs Pro Tools! This video playlist has got me wondering where Pro Tools gets all of its sounds from. Some of these sounds are very unique and thrilling. It’s cool to see what you can do with a little bit of creativity. My personal favorites are the Tiger Rag and the Spacedrum.

Have you ever tried creating an instrument? Sound off below!