11 Places to Learn Pro Tools Online – 2015 Version

Wondering where to go to learn how to use protools other than the small selection of free videos we offer on this site? Here is a pretty extensive list to help get you started in the right direction.

ATTENTION: This article was updated on Friday November 28th to include a few new places you can start learning the audio engineering software.

Don’t want to commit to a course? There are plenty of self-teaching options


Lynda offers a smorgasbord of courses on various websites and software. You can even take courses on how to use Facebook and Pinterest. Most of Lynda, though, focuses on heavy hitters like AutoCAD and other industry-specific software. Lynda, at the time of this writing, offers 29 courses in Pro Tools specifically. Most tutorials are by experienced field experts – a visit to the Lynda Pro Tools page reveals that among the experts is Larry Crane, who has worked with The Decemberists, Jenny Lewis, Elliott Smith, and many other acclaimed artists. Crane’s tutorial covers how to get more life and energy out of your tracks. It’s a specific focus, and you might worry that Lynda only focuses on specific, niche-oriented training, but it includes basic training as well. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Lynda requires a membership, but costs pale in comparison to many “official” Pro Tools classes. The most popular membership is $25/month. The main advantage of this membership is that there are no long-term contracts – you can just pay for a month and see how Lynda works for you to start. Among the several membership options is an annual membership of $375. It’s worth noting that these fees aren’t just for Pro Tools – they grant you access to Lynda’s other courses.
  • Bottom line: Lynda gives you significant bang for your buck in terms of learning Pro Tools. Your tutorial teachers are experts – college professors, award winners, authors of Pro Tools books – not random people on YouTube. The many memberships fit virtually anyone’s budget. It doesn’t take much to access this tool, but you’re essentially guaranteed to learn a lot from qualified people. The making money option doesn’t hurt, either. It’s a large site, but the specialized tutorials can make it feel smaller in a good way.


Everyone knows iTunes as the place to go when you want to buy music (or rent movies online, or watch whatever TV show you missed last night). The app store has some significant contributions to our well of technological knowledge. iTunes can be your conduit when searching for Pro Tools courses. Keep in mind that, while iTunes is a non-specific market, the developers of the different apps have specific focuses and are generally knowledgeable. In iTunes, you can find series courses, a quick one-week mastery course for those who want to be fast out of the gate, and many other options. Whether you need a full intro course or just want to learn a few specific techniques, iTunes tutorials can work for you.

Like Lynda, iTunes has an affiliate program, too. Like any other affiliate program, this one lets you earn money based on sales that are helped along by links to iTunes on your webpage. There’s a simple application process that makes it relatively quick and easy to join, assuming you’re approved.

Individual courses typically are in the $5 to $10 range. They’re inexpensive, but you may need to shop around a bit for one that suits your needs best. Apple vets the apps that get into the app store to some degree, but you’ll still encounter a range of quality – some will be better than others. Essentially, this one might take some sorting. Here’s the iTunes lowdown:

  • Lots of courses that are portable and can be viewed on iPhones and iPads as well as on iTunes.
  • Cheap baseline prices per course.
  • Ability to save money and earn money via the affiliate program.


If you’re a crowdsourcer by nature, Avid.com might be the site for you. Avid sells Pro Tools and other audio software and offers services, but perhaps the best resource here is the plethora of forums and communities. While tutorial videos can show you how to plenty of things on Pro Tools, they can’t directly answer your questions. Avid forums are full of experts and new users answering questions and asking them. The meticulous organization makes them navigable and ultimately saves you time in getting your questions answered. Another benefit? When teachers say they learn from their students, they aren’t kidding. Once you are an expert (or maybe even solidly proficient) in the use of Pro Tools, you can answer questions on the forums, too. Answering people’s questions, combined with using the product yourself, keeps your knowledge fresh and flexible. It’s a win-win.

Avid.com communities fall across a few large subgroups before they specialize. A good one for beginners to frequent is the Avid Pro Audio Community. Essentially a giant question and answer session, this forum can help the greenest beginner start in Pro Tools. You can post questions in sub-forums dedicated to specific versions of Pro Tools and in other categories like virtual instruments, etc.

The biggest forum/resource with Avid is the Avid Community. This vast resource features blog posts, forums where professionals can answer user questions on software, user groups, and video tutorials.

What sets the Avid Community resource apart? It’s probably the most diverse one on the table. The ease-of-use factor is huge – you have expert-frequented forums, blog posts and tips, video tutorials, and more all on one subpage of one website. It’s a good place to go if you want to (or are able to) absorb a lot of information in a short amount of time. Though Avid Community isn’t Pro Tools specific, it does contain blogs that follow and discuss industry trends. This can be helpful to beginners and experienced users alike.

Here’s the lowdown on Avid and the forums:

  • Forums and videos are free – a good thing for everyone.
  • The Pro Tools forum/community is time-efficient. You can see a video and post a question about it on the forum without leaving the main webpage.

Those are the big guns of Pro Tools tutorials. Here are some other places to go if you still want more:


The Tuts (short for “tutorials”) websites have specific instructions, usually replete with videos and/or pictures, on how to do just about anything. A disadvantage of major sites like this one is that they tend to be hard to root through to find what you need. Luckily, Audiotuts+ has a collection of 11 essential tutorials for a Pro Tools user. Like Lynda, Audiotuts+ sources established musicians and sound engineers to do tutorials. It does a good job of protecting you and your work from the influence of unqualified YouTube randos. While at present there are just the 11 videos, Audiotuts+ adds new tutorials regularly, and it also brings back AudioJungle archive pieces – articles that were once posted on a relocated site. While some of the videos here are posted on YouTube, they have been culled from an impressive slush pile of tutorial videos. You can be sure Audiotuts+ brings you the best of them.

Mac Pro Video

You can find some of their videos on iTunes, but a dedicated list is here. Mac Pro Video is a learning partner with Avid, so the makers of these videos know their stuff. They advertise that the purpose of their videos is to help you study for your Pro Tools 10 certification. Even if you don’t plan on getting certified, you can learn a huge amount. An advantage is that these are step by step – they take you from basic familiarity to expert tricks. The full-course option is good for you if you’re busy and want built-in scheduling that you can follow whenever you want to. Mac Pro Video includes videos for most versions of Pro Tools, too.

Sound on Sound Archive

In our day of internet problem-solving, interactive solutions, and more, magazines may seem like something from the dark ages. This is especially true in the music and sound industries – industries that have a strong correlation to and connection with technological development. However, sound-industry magazines often have valuable tips, ideas, etc. pertaining to sound. While Sound on Sound may not have full courses in Pro Tools software, it certainly has useful articles. However, it’s one thing to say “go check magazine archives” and another to actually do it. Sorting through articles can be time consuming. Luckily, Sound on Sound has an online archive of selected articles, notes and tips pertaining to Pro Tools. The magazine says that the articles can help one to make the most of the software. This archive has hundreds of tips, notes, and articles. It’s definitely worth a look.

Groove 3

If you’re still looking for more Pro Tools videos, check out Groove 3. This site, unlike many other video tutorial sites mentioned, has a high priority of focus for audio engineering. One of the advantages of the advantages of this site is that you know it will have sufficient videos in Pro Tools. Often, a site that has tutorials for many software types will not be equally distributed across each one. You don’t want to get shortchanged. Groove 3, on its homepage, has videos divided up by incarnation of Pro Tools, making it easy to select and watch relevant videos.
You can purchase individual video courses, and while they may be a smidge pricey, they have a professionalism about them that makes them worth at least a look.

Pro Tools Expert

The community over at Pro Tools Expert is a great place to not only learn Pro Tools on the Fly, but keeping up with the avid community in itself. It is a great place to get constant updates on the software and the contributors over there are extremely involved in the product and in the music community as a whole. They are constantly posting to their twitter account and Facebook account with daily updates about the software and it is just an outstanding community to involved in if you are highly active in Pro Tools.

So what’s the take-away here? There are plenty of resources available to you if you want to learn Pro Tools, hone your skills in general, or learn something specific, you can find a venue. Whether you want a long-term subscription, a one-time course, or just a single video, you’ll be able to find something online. Pro Tools is one of the most versatile and valuable tools on the market today, and it seems wasteful to not get all that you can out of it. When you find and take a tutorial, you’re extending the value of an already-valuable investment. Take a tutorial. Save some money. Put Pro Tools to work for you.

Or if you are looking for more, here are some recommended courses.

Berklee College of Music Course

The renowned Berklee College of Music offers several courses to get you started in Pro Tools or help you hone your skills. In addition to regular intro courses, Berklee offers specialty courses in mixing/mastering, producing, and more. Most courses are 12 weeks. If you want to use Pro Tools professionally (and use it in a way that will draw more people to your business), then a certificate program may work best for you. An advantage of the Berklee certificate courses is that they provide you with an official certification attractive to potential clients.

Here is the Pro Tools 101 Course at Berklee Online
Here is the Pro Tools 110 Course at Berklee Online

Virtual Training Company

The Virtual Training Company (VTC for short) offers inexpensive courses in a variety of disciplines. The training is all online, so you have the advantages of a course plus the ability to keep a flexible schedule. Some colleges and universities use this course for certain kinds of education, too.

SAE Online

A good choice for people with limited time, SAE Online offers a short course that provides a solid intro to Pro Tools. With this 101 course, you can always get yourself started on Pro Tools and then start more specialized learning once you’re actively working with the program.

The Online Audio School

If you like your training courses interactive and online, then this option is a good one for you. You can ask real-time questions and see and talk to your teachers. The Online Audio School offers a connection that is often lost online without sacrificing any of the flexibility of online classes. The school site also maintains a useful blog that can help with learning.

3 Websites To Find Pro Tools Jobs

If you’re like many musicians, you’ve probably dreamed of turning your recording work into a paying gig. In the digital landscape of the Internet, that dream may be more reasonable than you think, especially as studio applications such as Pro Tools make recording top-notch music a breeze. Here are just a few ways to generate revenue through your recorded work.

1. Audiosocket
With its nifty interface and long list of artists and clients, Audiosocket aims to let artists market their music for licensing to companies. Artists submit four original pieces to the service as an “audition,” and Audiosocket responds within 60 days regarding an approval. If the audition doesn’t go well, artists can reapply in the future.

For artists using Pro Tools to craft personal recorded works, sites like Audiosocket can provide both exposure and extra income for artistic work. With its quick and easy application method, the site should be at the top of any ambitious musician’s list.

2. Employment with Production Companies
If you’re familiar with Top 40 radio at present, you’re probably aware of a host of producers who are getting big hits time after time, often through the use of digital recording software such as Pro Tools and Logic Pro. Producers such as Dr. Luke and RedOne have scored a huge number of charting songs for singers such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, and Rihanna. Fortunately, these producers are now expanding their base of operations to include trainee producers who work to develop songs for new artists.

Hired through production companies such as Dr. Luke’s Prescription Songs, these new producers tend to have a great ear and a lot of potential. It doesn’t hurt to email the companies with professional letters of inquiry, but to really stand out, make sure that your work is first-rate and extremely well-done. Bounce ideas off of people who will give you honest assessments and study pop songs for structure before attempting to breaking in to the industry, where first-class production is a must.

3. Beatpick
If you’ve mastered the use of Pro Tools and want to get your music into the hands of top-tier clients, Beatpick might be the way for you to go. Standards of entrance are high, but the open admissions form means that Beatpick thrives on a meritocratic system where talent rises to the top. Send four of your best pieces and be prepared to wait up to four weeks for a response. In the meantime, keep honing your craft to the highest level you can, and if at first you don’t succeed, keep improving on your skills.

For these reasons, finding work that involves the use of Pro Tools doesn’t have to be difficult. While talent does matter, it is also true that in today’s competitive market for music that hard work trumps everything else. If musicians and engineers can put in the hours studying musical structure and recording methods, there is a good chance that their music will be heard. With the right attitude, this means that selling music has a healthy but not unapproachable sense of competition. With the right attitude and a bit of hard work, the possibilities are truly endless to get recorded work out into the wider world. Above all else, enjoy the process!

7 Companies That Succesfully Use Cloud Based Subscription Models

Cloud-based subscription models, otherwise known as on-demand software or software as a service, have shown no signs of slowing down after several companies have bolstered their profits and subscribers have lauded the services as convenient and reasonably priced.

Two leaders in cloud-based subscriptions are Avid Pro Tools and Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Both software companies were leaders in their respective genres when they moved to cloud-based services. Moving to the cloud offered companies, like Avid and Adobe, an opportunity to protect themselves from profit loss due to piracy, but there are other benefits. Internet delivery reduces or eliminates manufacturing and packaging costs. Software makers can also easily provide customers with the latest updates via the Internet. Benefits for the customer include availability of cloud storage for documents or creations. Subscription packages also offer consumers access to products for a relatively small fee.

1. Pro Tools

  • Flat fee pricing
  • Option to buy software outright
  • Thriving online community access with paid subscription

Recently, Avid announced that Pro Tools 12 will offer a pricing structure that will allow their customers to pay a monthly or annual subscription as an alternative to purchasing the software outright. The software maker focused on the advantages that come with cloud-based software. Customers receive updates and plug-ins faster, they can store their work on the cloud, and even share it with an entire community of creative professionals. The community offers producers the ability to scout out new talent by offering easy access to thousands of artists. Like many of these software developers, Pro Tools still offers a free limited edition version of their software. Source: MusicRadar.com.

2. Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

  • Buy subscription to one or all applications
  • Discount when subscribing to two or more applications
  • No option to buy software outright

Unlike Avid, Adobe has made a bolder move with its software lineup, which include InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. These products previously required the upfront purchase of software that could easily set the consumer back over $2,000. When the company announced it would move to a subscription-based service in 2013, it made clear that there would be no option to buy the software outright. For many new consumers and start-up businesses, the subscription model was a dream come true. However, many longtime Adobe users were angry about the switch. Still the company saw an increase of over $400,000 once the cloud operation was put into place. Adobe offers a tiered subscription that allows consumers to choose access to one or all of the company’s products. Individual software prices vary, depending on the software title. Source: Bloomberg.com.

3. Quickbooks

  • Multi-tiered pricing to accommodate businesses or any size
  • Option to buy software outright

For years, Intuit bragged that Quickbooks was the best and easiest way to share books with your accountant, but the process was not always seamless. That changed when the company moved Quickbooks to the cloud and created Quickbooks Online. Although subscribers can choose to download their books to their hard drive, the information is also stored in the cloud, where it is easily accessible to those with permission. Source: BizJournals.com.

4. Office 365

  • Flat fee pricing for entire bundle
  • No option to buy software outright
  • Bonus features included with subscription

Office 365 offers Microsoft’s most popular office products for around $10 a month. The applications include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook for Macs. Free cloud storage is also thrown in as a bonus, as well as an hour of free Skype calling. After its release, the company boasted a 5 percent increase in profits in the first quarter of 2013 over the same period in the previous year. Source: AppStorm.net and ComputerWorld.com.

5. Pandora

  • Flat fee pricing
  • New content added daily
  • Applications available for a variety of platforms

Pandora gained notoriety for being a free music service in its infancy. The free music application offered limited commercial interruptions. Then the company created Pandora For Business, a premium subscription for those who wanted non-stop music for a small monthly fee. The customized radio provider has become so popular that most car makers and aftermarket companies, like JVC, promote the service when marketing their products. In 2011, Pandora moved all of its components onto the cloud and, according to VP of Enterprise Information Services at Pandora Media Richard Rothschild, it helped the company go public. Source: CiteWorld.com.

6. Constant Contact

  • Multi-tiered pricing
  • Pay for only what you need

Unlike the previously mentioned companies, Constant Contact offers subscriptions based on usage rather than a flat monthly fee. The marketing software company also offers three different subscription bundles, which complicates the fee structure. Subscribers can save significantly by paying for the service a year in advance. This has been a big selling point for nonprofit organizations. The company has always used a subscription model, and has done so quite successfully. At the end of 2014, Constant Contact, Inc. boasted $88 million in profits with over 600,000 customers worldwide. Source: ConstantContact.com.

7. Basecamp

  • Pricing depends size and quantity of projects
  • Web-based application only

This cloud-based organizational service offers a simple way for group projects to be planned, managed and stored online. The pricing is based on how many projects and how much space your organization requires. Like many other subscriptions listed here, Basecamp offers a free trial with full access to its premium features. Unlike major software developers, Basecamp does not require a longterm contract and allows users to pay month by month. Basecamp is not funded by investors, so quarterly profits are not announced. The company does not release statistics related to its paid subscribers; however, it does boast over 15 million users. Source: 37signals.com.

Cloud-based subscriptions are certain to flourish as consumers move toward a mobile lifestyle. Accessing data and software on the go is crucial for most professionals. Advances in technology and an increase in competition may lower subscription costs for many cloud-based services; however, the future is promising for all who have dared to reach for the cloud.

Pro Tools 12 Goes on Sale – April Fools Joke?

Pro Tools 12 has gone on sale today, and the new subscription service is somewhat similar to the way Adobe runs things with it’s tools like Photoshop. It seems there are a lot of complaints about it being an upgrade when there is actually no upgrades whatsoever.

Here is more information on what is included with Avid Pro Tools 12

Some have even called this “An April Fools Joke.”

There seems to be a lot of hype over the Avid Cloud collaboration system that will be new in Avid Pro Tools 12, however, this feature is still not available yet.

The subscription service may be appealing to others for a number of reasons. First of all, because it makes it cheaper upfront to get your Pro Tools system up and running without having to spend hundreds of dollars (or even thousands) right away on a new software.

Avid Pro Tools Elevates Student Success

Avid Pro Tools Elevates Student Success

Recording studios and musicians alike rely on the power and innovation of Avid Pro Tools. But more than inspiring the artists of today, Avid is also looking toward encouraging and supporting the emerging talents of future generations. This is the basis for their excellent academic pricing model for students, educators and institutions.

With affordable Pro Tools licensing, the next generation of artists and media professionals can learn skillsets with industry-standard tools. These real-world experiences are sure to maximize their career opportunities as they move forward from their academic careers. Discover for yourself how the Avid Everywhere campaign helps further student engagement and bolster resources for education in audio production.

What is Avid Everywhere?

Avid Everywhere is an integrated, state-of-the-art solution built around the Avid MediaCentral Platform. The MediaCentral Platform consolidates the audio production workflow by integrating tools that help users create, manage, and monetize their projects.  Editing, effects, mixing, and publishing resources are all in one place. This platform simplifies media creation by focusing on connecting with the target audience in more powerful, efficient, and collaborative ways.

The upcoming Avid Pro Tools 12 will also introduce the Avid Cloud Collaboration and Avid Marketplace. Avid Cloud Collaboration allows classmates and professors to work on an audio session together – anywhere around the world. Compose, record, edit, and mix sessions collaboratively with other Pro Tool users. Avid Marketplace works in a similar fashion, and connects users with other audio professionals so they can share, collaborate, or promote their projects – publicly or privately. The biggest difference between the two is that the Marketplace serves as a publishing platform, allowing you to upload session files, multichannel stems, and stereo mixdowns directly from Pro Tools. These features work within the Avid MediaCentral Platform, and offer students and educators more flexibility in creating content and sharing it.

The term ‘Avid Everywhere’ certainly reminds us of how prevalent Avid Pro Tools is in audio production throughout various industries, but it also highlights the program’s growing accessibility and functionality. Teachers are no longer limited by what they can do in the classroom, while students are offered a collaborative environment to work in. Avid Everywhere provides academic institutions with a platform that is sure to inspire learning without sacrificing creativity.

Avid Pro Tools Offers Academic Pricing Options

Students, faculty and educational institutions can take advantage of their academic status by receiving incredible discounts on Avid Pro Tools. Avid offers industry-standard resources streamlined for education, which allows students and teachers to collaborate in all new ways. More professionals use Avid solutions than any other provider. Students that know how to use it accurately and efficiently have the best opportunity to stand out and succeed in their future career industries.

Catch some of the amazing academic discounts* available below.

  • Students Pricing*
    • Avid Pro Tools – Student Annual Subscription = $99.00
    • Avid Pro Tools – Student Activation Card = $299.00
    • Avid Pro Tools – Student Upgrade (10-11) = $99.00
  • Faculty Pricing*
    • Avid Pro Tools – Teacher Activation Card = $299.00
    • Avid Pro Tools – Teacher (10-11) = $99.00
  • Academic Institution Pricing*
    • Avid Pro Tools – Institution Annual Subscription = $99.00
    • Avid Pro Tools – Institution Activation Card = $299.00
    • Avid Pro Tools – Institution Upgrade (10-11) = $99.00

For more information on Avid Pro Tools features and academic pricing please visit Studica.com or contact us. Please make sure to review Avid’s Academic Eligibility Policy as academic verification is required upon purchase.

*Pricing valid for US only and subject to change. Please review product information at studica.com/Avid prior to purchase. Education Verification required.

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Travel Smart with Protools

If you haven’t made the discovery by now: Protools is a powerful, innovative audio program that makes music and audio production virtually limitless. However, it tends to consume precious computer resources and can be a headache to manage if you’re traveling or setting up a home studio. Here are some tips to make Protools more manageable in your professional life.

Traveling with Protools

With laptops, the ability to work and travel anywhere is a luxurious idea. However, Protools is not a light program and will require a special computer to run at full capacity.

First, consider the amount of computing power that your computer will be running. You should have more than enough RAM to run both the program and also physical memory for the files that you will be working on.

Second, look into external drives if your internal SSDs are not very fast. Working with external drives will not only help in keeping copies of your work safe, but they will help with the speed of outputting your files. If you’re running an OSX laptop, look for getting Thunderbolt Drives.

Third, upgrading your laptop will not be an inexpensive investment by any means. In the audio producing world, you literally pay for what you get. Invest wisely.

At Your Home Studio

Because many home based studios are looking for saving money anywhere, investing in a more expensive computer may not be an option. Home studio owners may want to still travel to remote assignments as needed.

Pro Tip: Here is a good article on air travel with pro tools.

Fortunately, Protools is offered on a lighter basis under Protools Express. This lighter, entry level version of Protools comes at both a lesser cost and, depending on its intended use in a home studio, can be run on a regular laptop with a reasonable amount of RAM (8GB recommended) and internal memory.

Classes for Protools

Classes are offered all over the Unites States in many different locations. Classes are offered by varying complexity and it is advised to start with the introductory course if you are new to Protools or want to hone your basic skills. Below are some options for you to consider when selecting a Protools class.

Free Classes: some local music stores offer free Protools classes throughout the year. You may have to look up locations and times on your preferred search engine. These types of offers are great if you’re just starting out and you’re not sure if you want to stick with Protools for the long term.
Official Classes: Protools offers certification after completion of their courses. This certification can help in a search for an audio production job. This option is catered towards individuals who are serious about their professions. The courses offered toward certification are generally offered on a first-come, first-serve basis throughout the year. Locations will vary. Also, keep in mind that these official courses do cost much more than “free”.

Take Away

Protools is an excellent with a lot of application towards a professional career or a home based studio. Because it is a heavy program, precautions should be taken to assure that your computer system will be able to handle the technical load of both the audio files you will work with and the program itself. Classes are offered in many areas, but some research many be required to find the right one for you. Some of the classes are offered free in varying areas while official classes are offered so that Protools certification can be achieved for potential career advancement. Overall, review your goals and your needs to discover what is the best option for you.

Pro Tools Classes in Austin, TX

Taking time to choose the best Pro tools is paramount. Try to find the most convenient training center for you. It is advisable to select a college offering superb services at the most competitive charges.

Makes sure you are well prepared before starting your classes. It is also a perfect idea to visit your ideal training center prior to commencing the course. You can also consult an expert in the field or a trusted friend for the best advice.

The best pro tools classes in Austin Texas:

  • ProMedia Training: You are required to fax a copy of the required items on your first day. The requirements include:
    • A College Diploma
    • College Transcripts
    • A GED
    • Transcripts showing that you completed High School
    • A copy of your High School Diploma.
  • Applicant must have a high school diploma before applying for the course. The instructors are time conscious. However, you may be required to stay longer for certain lessons that may require some extra time. On the first day, plan on being there by 9:45am to complete your paperwork.

The Recording Conservatory of Austin (TRCOA): This is a superior facility that offers quality Pro tools courses. The facility features an isolation booth for tracking very unique vocal and voice-overs, guitar, and bass. The drum room helps you to perfect your vocals, percussion, and trucking drums. The spacious area of the Live Room is suitable for tracking a live session.

You will find the best environment for learning how to produce the best natural reverb. The facility also features a control room where students can work on assignments and project editing needs. One of the control rooms holds a very useful Digidesign Pro Tools MBox Pro system. The other second room is useful in editing, mixing and also mastering most projects.

Austin Community College (ACC): this is a state-of-the-art training center where students are holistically trained on how to analyze and maximize design models to comply with design specifications. Feature creation tools and advanced sketching techniques are part of the course. You will be able to modify design models after completing the course. After completing your course, you will be able to create complex assemblies using a top-down design process.

The Advanced Assembly Management with Pro/Engineer Wildfire course fully covers the top-down design process. The course also helps you to improve your modeling. After completing your course, you will also be able to use a new user interface without facing any drawback. There is also a course on how to create sheetmetal design models, as well as the flat state of the model.

Students are able to design sheetmetal parts and assemblies easily after completing their courses. There is a course that involves designing sheetmetal products with Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2.0. Designing projects will be very easy for you after finishing your course. Main topics covered include basic model management, drawings, assemblies, part modeling, sketching, and much more.

The courses offered at this center enable students create complete production drawings suitable for manufacturing. Students are trained how to use information captured within 3-D design models to create detailed drawings.

There is a course that focuses on creating production drawings with Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2.0. The course will help you to design superb drawings. There even more to learn at the center. The Pro/Engineer classes at the ACC are taught by PTC certified instructors.

To summarize, the above are the famous centers where you can enroll for your Pro Tool classes in Texas US. You should choose a facility that best suits your personal needs. Only choose a training center offering high-quality services at customized charges.

Student and Educational Discounts for Avid Pro Tools

To purchase Avid Pro Tools with academic discounts verification of student, teacher or institutional status is handled by Identit-e. After the verification process, your license will be issued.

Avid pricing seem to be consistent from most resellers and stores that sell them and there are a great many places to find Pro Tools. Not only are they at eBay for a little more and Amazon, the software is at a variety of academic, music, and software stores and at the Avid website. There are also retailers for the software in Australia, Germany and England.

The range of Avid Pro Tools 11 include:

  • For Higher Ed Students Only for Windows or Mac Activation card for $299
  • Student Upgrade from Pro Tools 9 to 11 for $99
  • Student Crossgrade from Pro Tools LE for $99
  • Student Crossgrade from Pro Tools M-Powered for $99
  • Avid Pro Tools 11 – For Faculty or Teachers for $299
  • Teachers Upgrade from Pro Tools 10 to 11 for $99
  • Teachers Upgrade from Pro Tools 9 to 11 for $99
  • Teacher Crossgrade from Pro Tools M-Powered for $99
  • Avid Pro Tools 11 – For Educational Institutions Activation Card with iLok for $299
  • Educational Institution Upgrade from Pro Tools 10 to Pro Tools 11 for $99
  • Educational Institution Upgrade from Pro Tools 9 to Pro Tools 11 for $99
  • Educational Institution Crossgrade from Pro Tools LE for $99
  • Pro Tools Upgrade and Support Plan for Pro Tools for $99

This list was composed from a more comprehensive listing at Studica.

Avid’s Pro Tools 11 academic discounts are for students, teachers and schools to take advantage of. Pro Tool 11 is a professional music creation and audio recording software program used by top professionals around the world. Avid claims its Pro Tools have redefined film, music and the television industries. It provides everything you need to compose, edit, record and mix audio. Pro Tools 11 Student Edition is the most powerful and bestselling audio production software program. Pro Tools for Education provides the same tools, features and workflows at an incredible savings. It gives students a head start on a successful career. For video editing, the Avid’s Media Composer 7 is the best tool to use for editing movies, making commercials, tv shows or other video or film editing task. Purchasers of Avid Pro Tools 11 will get a free upgrade to the Pro Tools 12 upon release.

Some online resources for purchasing Avid Pro Tools include:

  1. Studica offers $10 off orders of $100 or more for signing up for email news at www.studica.com/avid. They also offer special student discount on Avid education software and allows every student to buy the desired software from Avid Education Store.
  2. Musician’s Friend claims that Avid Pro Tools 11 Student is priced at a discount for eligible students at $299 and free shipping at http://www.musiciansfriend.com/daw-software/avid-pro-tools-11-student-activation-card.
  3. B&H Photo Video and Radio offers Avid Pro Tools 11 – Professional Audio Software Student Edition with Activation Card and iLok for $299 as the educational discounted version available to qualified students at http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/965020-REG/avid_9900_65459_00_pro_tools_students_edition.html.
  4. Sweetwater Music Instrument and Pro Audio at http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/PT11SoftStu-e offers the Academic edition of Pro Tools 11 at $299 for qualifying students.
  5. Turramurra Music Online Store has education upgrades for any registered version of Pro Tools versions 9, 10, or 11, for $119 at http://www.turramusic.com.au/shop/Listing.aspx?mid=-3.
  6. Alto Music has the Avid Pro Tool 11 and 12 Student Bundle with free Fast Track Solo USB interface for $299 at http://www.altomusic.com/avid-student-bundle-pro-tools-11-with-free-fast-track-solo.
  7. Student Discounts.com calls itself the Academic Software experts has the Pro Tool 11 for $299 at http://studentdiscounts.com/protools10studenteditionincludes4yearsfreeugradesilokincludedmacwin.aspx.
  8. The Avid Pro Tool 10 is offered by the AcademicSuperstore.com starting at $99 at http://www.academicsuperstore.com/products/Avid.
  9. JourneyEd.com has the Pro Tools 11 Student Edition with iLok for $299 at http://www.academicsuperstore.net/item/Avid/Pro+Tools/1561067.
  10. Creation Engine Education and Nonprofit discounts make the Pro Tools 11 available to institutions, teachers and students for $299 at http://www.creationengine.com/html/p.lasso?p=18268.
  11. Amazon.com has the Avid 99006545900 Pro Tools Student Activation care for $299 at http://www.amazon.com/Avid-99006545900-Tools-Student-Activation/dp/B00C99NHJ6.
  12. Avid.com has the Pro Tools Software Upgrades with Annual Upgrade + Support Plan for $199 at http://shop.avid.com/ccrz__ProductDetails?sku=AR-DG-PT11US-00&cmpid=701i0000001C3C4&gclid=CIrs4K-48sMCFcXm7Aod6ioA4A.
  13. In Germany, it can be found at Thomann where it is sold for €255 or £188.05 at www.thomann.de/gb/avid_pro_tools_edu_student.htm.
  14. In England the software is at Software 4 Students £229.95 at http://www.software4students.co.uk/t/categories/music.

Some advantages to purchasing include:

  • You get the same tools use by professions with discounted prices for students, teacher and faculty, and institutions.
  • Avid Pro Tools gives the best quality sound to you productions and it gives the tools to create like a pro.
  • You will have every instrument through built-in MIDI and notation tools.
  • You can tune every performance into the perfect take.
  • Your Avid Video Engine can play and edit HD video right in Pro Tools timeline.
  • Pro Tools has the effects and processing plug-ins to polish mixes and expand your palette.
  • Pro Tools can be set automatically to dial in the perfect mix.
  • Pro Tools allows staying current with upgrades and ahead with support that keeps you aware of what’s coming, such as Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools and Avid Marketplace features.
  • You get expert help and advice whenever you need through Avid Standard Support.

At the Avid website you will find a lot more option for using its professional software. Pro Tools 12 is offered as a monthly subscription for $8.25 at http://apps.avid.com/education/. There are also free trials and software on this page. Pro Tools HD is featured at http://www.avid.com/US/products/pro-tools-software#Features.