Sound FX Design: Perception vs. Reality

I remember an incident years ago where I was once locked in my studio creating sound effects from a list of over 1000 sounds needed for a new shoot-em up game when a producer walked … Read more

Multiband Compression: What Is It and Why Use It?

Compression is a common technique used by all audio engineers and producers, and is one of the only processing techniques used throughout the entire recording process. Tracking Mixing/Editing … Read more

5 Waves Compressors to Help You Achieve Better Dynamics

When it comes to the world of simple compression, there are not too many variables that can steer you into a confusing situation. However, with the huge variety of plugins available these days, it can … Read more

3 Commonly Used Types of Dynamic Compression

Once again you may find yourself sitting in front of your speakers, listening to your mix, and wondering: "Why are certain instruments getting lost in the mix while other are cutting through almost too harshly?" … Read more
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The Swedish Pop Phenomenon

Sweden and Pop music: a match made in heaven it seems. Why? Why is this music success coming from a country in northern Scandinavia - a country with a population of less than ten million? One … Read more
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Avid Pro Tools Versus Logic Pro: Pros and Cons

Pro Tools vs. Logic: Audio and Midi Pro Tools offers a classic approach to audio, essentially digitizing the analog mixer with the addition of convenient destructive audio editing. Logic invites users to a modified DAW experience that includes … Read more
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Why is Your iLok Phoning Home to an Ad Network?

When most people think of the phrase “phoning home” they probably reminisce about the titular character of Stephen Spielberg’s critically acclaimed E.T.; when we think about the phrase “phoning home” we most likely feel like … Read more

The Software That Skrillex and Diplo Use for Music Production

Skrillex and Diplo are two of today's hottest music producers. Collectively they form the duo Jack Ü, and they have worked -- both together and individually -- with artists ranging from Justin Bieber to Madonna. … Read more
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Drum Machines VS Samples. A Look at A Modern Question.

It is very possible that when an audio engineer gets into researching the best drum machines, he or she then asks his or herself this question: “Why do I even need to buy a drum … Read more
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