Which Version of Pro Tools is Best for You?

Buy From Amazon Whether you're an experienced recording enthusiast or you're putting together your first home studio, you'll likely record, process and mix many of your tracks using audio editing software. Audio editing programs have become … Read more
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List of Producers and Former Producers of "The Voice"

The Voice is an American television show started in 2011 that is based on the original Dutch show "The Voice of Holland," which began in 2010. Both shows were created by Dutch producer Johannes "John" … Read more
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Structure Free – Tutorial

This tutorial is about structure free. Structure free is the sample player that's part of the creative collection in Pro Tools. Let's get started. The first thing that we will do is create a stereo instrument … Read more
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14 Places to Buy Pro Tools Online

Avid Pro Tools is the industry standard when it comes to audio engineering software. It can be found in local music stores, but comparing the cost and finding the best deal is a lot easier … Read more
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$843 of Waves Plugins for $450.00

This is a special message from the owner of protoolstutorial.org. Hello, I have exactly $843 of credit in my Waves.com account. For anyone that is interested in taking it off my hands, I would be willing to … Read more

3 Websites To Find Pro Tools Jobs

If you're like many musicians, you've probably dreamed of turning your recording work into a paying gig. In the digital landscape of the Internet, that dream may be more reasonable than you think, especially as … Read more
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7 Companies That Succesfully Use Cloud Based Subscription Models

Cloud-based subscription models, otherwise known as on-demand software or software as a service, have shown no signs of slowing down after several companies have bolstered their profits and subscribers have lauded the services as convenient … Read more
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