$843 of Waves Plugins for $450.00

This is a special message from the owner of protoolstutorial.org. Hello, I have exactly $843 of credit in my Waves.com account. For anyone that is interested in taking it off my hands, I would be willing to … Read more

3 Websites To Find Pro Tools Jobs

If you're like many musicians, you've probably dreamed of turning your recording work into a paying gig. In the digital landscape of the Internet, that dream may be more reasonable than you think, especially as … Read more
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7 Companies That Succesfully Use Cloud Based Subscription Models

Cloud-based subscription models, otherwise known as on-demand software or software as a service, have shown no signs of slowing down after several companies have bolstered their profits and subscribers have lauded the services as convenient … Read more
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Quick Pro Tools 12 Prediction

This is a semi prediction of how Pro Tools 12 will effect the music industry. The opinions in this article are very "lofty" and are just a general overview of an observation I have made … Read more
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Pro Tools 12 Goes on Sale – April Fools Joke?

Pro Tools 12 has gone on sale today, and the new subscription service is somewhat similar to the way Adobe runs things with it's tools like Photoshop. It seems there are a lot of complaints … Read more
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Avid Pro Tools Elevates Student Success

Avid Pro Tools Elevates Student Success Recording studios and musicians alike rely on the power and innovation of Avid Pro Tools. But more than inspiring the artists of today, Avid is also looking toward encouraging and … Read more
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Win a Free Bike

Check out these awesome bikes. You can win one for free. All you have to do is enter your email address! invite.brilliant.co?ref=5c4447046d Read more

Travel Smart with Protools

If you haven't made the discovery by now: Protools is a powerful, innovative audio program that makes music and audio production virtually limitless. However, it tends to consume precious computer resources and can be a … Read more