OS X vs Windows for Pro Tools 11

Is your studio holding you back from creating the next big club banger? When it comes to powerful software like Pro Tools 11, your system setup is just as important as your configuration preferences and … Read more
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4 Things NOT to do with Pro Tools

The thought of making it as a DJ, Music Producer, or even the next Calvin Harris, can be very alluring to the young crowd ranging from 12-22 when it comes to purchasing the latest version … Read more
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13 Advantages Of Using Pro Tools

In Italy, 13 is considered a lucky number. So today, consider yourself lucky to access a new take on the advantages of Pro Tools. While you may have read about this issue before, I'll do … Read more
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Why You Should Not Download From a Torrent Site

Pro Tools sets the standard for high-quality music production, which means a lot of artists want their hands on it. Unfortunately, this music software has a price that not many people want to pay, and … Read more
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Pro Tools Classes in New York City

Here is a list of pro tools classes in every major city in the United States of America, or where most relevant.. Please contact me if you would like this page to get updated with … Read more
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SoundCloud & Spotify Are Changing the Game

I have written a blog post title the Anti-Spotify blog post, but as time goes on, I am starting to switch my opinion more and more on this matter. I quit spottily for a time … Read more
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Pro Tools Tutorial Reaches Record High in Traffic

Hello, Philip Rudy here, owner and founder of Pro Tools Tutorial. This last month we have received over 3,100 visitors and that is an all time high in the two years that this site has … Read more
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Pro Tools Buying Guide

Are you considering buying Pro Tools? There are many different options you have and many different routes you can go when it comes to buying pro tools. One of the biggest hassles, and something that … Read more
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Getting Started in the Audio Engineering Business

Getting started in audio engineering is a process that isn't always linear, but always moves forward. In my years I've encountered so many different scenarios where different aspects of my knowledge and experience in engineering … Read more
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How to Find the Money You Need to Start Your Studio

by Nick Vivid / CEO MegaPlatinum Recordswww.NickVivid.com UNDERSTANDING YOUR RECORDING STUDIO'S PURPOSE The first thing I considered when building my recording studio is what was the purpose of the studio. Was I going to record records for … Read more
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