Media Design Degrees

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A degree in Media Design will help prepare you to bridge the gap between the board room and the creative studio. You will learn how design ad campaigns, participate in high level branding strategies, and learn how to come up with your own concepts. Getting to know your consumer will be one of your primary focus’s.

This type of degree is in high demand in today’s world. With the Internet being a more popular than ever, you can be rest assured that there will be a job there waiting for you once you graduate. Those who venture down this path can utilize their degree and either work freelance or put their skills to use at companies who specialize in animation, gaming, web development and interactive media.

Degrees Awarded

  • Diploma
  • Certificate
  • Associates
  • Bachelors

Classes and Prerequisites

This field of study will teach you to think creatively and professionally by merging artistry and technicality through courses on Photoshop, film production, game and sound design along with classes like brand development, business organizational studies and web development. In addition to the core areas of focus, most colleges and universities require students to have completed general studies in math, science and humanities prior to graduating with an associate degree or higher.

Salary Info

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Multimedia Artists and Animators make a median income of $30.76 per hour and $63,970 per year. The job outlook is also on a gradual rise, with an expected increase of 6% over the next seven years.

*Note: The sound engineer salary has been discussed in our Sound Design Degrees and Audio Production Degrees articles. Included in the median wage for a live sound engineer are sound designers and studio engineers.

Possible Careers

  • Media Design Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Animator
  • Film Producer/Editor
  • Web Developer
  • Is useful in graphic design, UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design positions


Below is a list of schools we’ve compiled that offer degrees and/or certificates in Media Design or related areas, and we think they’re pretty darn swell. So, here goes:

Full Sail University

If you’ve read any of our other articles outlining degree programs, then you’re well aware these guys always make the cut. Full Sail has been offering education in the arts since 1979 and specializing in each discipline to nearly unrivaled heights. With state of the art facilities and extensive online programs, it’s hard to go wrong by choosing Full Sail as your future alma mater.

  1. One Master of Fine Arts in Media Design is offered through Full Sail online:
    • MFA in Media Design requirements:
      • 12 months of online instruction
      • Personal Development and Leadership
      • Defining Client Needs
      • Brand Development
      • Effective Copywriting
      • Design Research
      • Organizational Structures
      • Design Strategies and Motivation, Design Integration
      • Multi-Platform Delivery
      • Measuring Design Effectiveness
      • Thesis: Presentation of Design Solution
      • Professional Practice
Tuition & Fees:

The Media Design MFA is $621/Credit Hour, 3 Semesters long and costs $36000 total–close to what you can expect at other private institutions

University of Montana

This school is located in good old Missoula. The University of Montana has been referred to as the “Harvard of of the west,” ranks 5th among public schools (17th in the nation) for producing Rhodes Scholars and has turned out notable alumni like Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam), Colin Meloy (The Decemberists/author of Wildwood) and actor J.K Simmons (Whiplash, Juno, Spiderman, etc) to name a few.

  1. The University of Montana grants three degrees in the area of media design:
    • Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts is completed entirely online:
      • Four years of online instruction
      • Intro to Media Arts
      • Digital Technology in the Arts
      • Courses in Photoshop, Film Editing and Sound Design
      • Illustrator: Vector and Layout Design
      • Art & Science of Int. Games
      • Intro to Motion Design
      • Principles of Interactive Media, Techniques of Interactive Media
      • Web Design and Web Technologies courses
      • Film and Media Studies
      • General studies and electives are also required
    • Master of Fine Arts in Media Arts
      • Three years (6 semesters) long, completed on campus
      • Digital Technology in the Arts
      • Grad Studio (Personal Work)
      • Media Practicum
      • Narrativity and Experiments in Media
      • Professional Presentation & Professional Practices
      • Final Portfolio I & II
Tuition & Fees:

These figures are for students attending full time, 12 credits or more per semester. In-state undergraduates are looking at around $6,215 per year, whereas out-of-staters can expect to cough up roughly $23,741. Now for the contrast, in-state graduate students are looking at $7,070 per year and out-of-state students, $26,466.

Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the hardest schools in the United States to get into. It boasts some of the most famous alumni and former students of any school out there, and it has a great media design program.

  1. MLA in Digital Media Design degree requirements:
    • AAS in Live Sound & Show Production requirements:
      • One computational design course, Two digital media design required courses or electives and a test of critical reading and writing skills are required to apply for admission
      • One instructional design course
      • Two web design and application development courses
      • Three digital media design electives
      • A capstone project or a master’s thesis
Tuition & Fees:

The degree from Harvard roughly costs between $25,500 and $30,600 to complete.

University of Connecticut

UConn, not to be confused with the Yukon of the Great White North, is a leading school in the great state of Connecticut has been providing higher level learning since 1881. In keeping with the theme of notable alumni, Justin Foley (Killswitch Engage), Moby and singer-songwriter Judy Collins, all attended here.

  1. The University of Connecticut delivers a Digital Media and Design Graduate Certificate online, completed in four courses over the span of three semesters:
    • The University of Connecticut delivers a Digital Media and Design Graduate Certificate online, completed in four courses over the span of three semesters:
      • Creative Digital Fundamentals
      • Introduction to Web Design I
      • Digital Media Strategies for Business
      • Digital Media Analytics
Tuition & Fees:

This certificate can be all yours for an incredibly low-ish price of $9,000.


We think these are noteworthy schools, and while geographic limitations may keep you from being able to attend, they can still be used as a baseline of what to look for in terms of content being taught, value of the education you’d receive, and cost of tuition, when seeking an institution of higher learning best tailored to your specific needs.