SoundCloud & Spotify Are Changing the Game

I have written a blog post title the Anti-Spotify blog post, but as time goes on, I am starting to switch my opinion more and more on this matter. I quit spottily for a time period, and have bought hundreds of dollars worth of music on iTunes, but am now turning back to Spotify for social reasons, and for the fact that I just can’t continue to spend the amount of money that I do on iTunes to hear a few songs that I want to play. When it is all said and done, I will still purchase the CD’s i find that are amazing and worth my $9.99 on iTunes, but I still have to be a part of the game changers called Spotify & SoundCloud.

Applications like Spotify are just the way it is now, and musicians are going to have to find new ways to make money to recoup some of their record sales. The glorious part about this is that the Internet is full of great ways to make money – for example setting up a YouTube account and making money from the advertising costs; perhaps doing something creative with your music that no one has ever thought of before, etc. etc..

But the main source income for musicians is always going to be live shows is it not?

Here are the types of musicians that are going to make it in today’s electronic and globally connected world:

  1. The ones that are just making sweet music on SoundCloud day in and day out.
  2. And as there has always been, the ones that are playing every single show that they possibly can.

And what sort of hit me is that finding music these days is so different, that if you don’t know how to, you are really missing out on a lot of great music.

Music production software, like Pro Tools, is becoming so readily available and reasonably priced to the average indie producer that there are tons of great songs and great musicians out there that you haven’t heard of before. I suspect that this was always true, but the one game changer here that makes it all available is the Internet. You can now hear songs from someone in Zimbabwe or Timbuktu that are just messing around on their guitar or microKorg. It sites like SoundCloud (more so than spottily in my opinion) that are giving talented found musicians a chance to showcase and share their skills, and that right there just shows, once again, the power of the Internet.