Color Palette

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the color palette to organize your session within Pro Tools. You can color code tracks, groups, and regions. The color palette can be accessed by double ... watch the video


In this tutorial you will learn how to make session templates and how they can speed up the recording process within Pro Tools. Session templates can be made from any session and Pro Tools also gives ... watch the video

Save Copy In

In this tutorial you with learn how beneficial the "save copy in" option is within Pro Tools. This option is great for when you need to change the sampling rate of a session.

FILE - SAVE COPY IN ... watch the video

Edit Window Scrolling

In this tutorial you will learn about the 4 different options you have for scrolling in the edit window within Pro Tools. Your 4 options are: No Scroll, After Playback, Page, Continuous

OPTIONS - ... watch the video

Meter Setup

In this tutorial you will learn how to properly set-up your time meter within Pro Tools. ... watch the video

Narrow Mix View

In this tutorial you will learn how to narrow the channel strips in the mix window within Pro Tools. This comes in handy when your track count gets high.

PC: Control - ALT - M ... watch the video

Session Backup Files

In this tutorial you were learn the purpose of session back-up files within Pro Tools and how they can be a life saver if you lose audio within a session. You will learn where they are located on your ... watch the video

Opening Session with Plugins Inactive

In this tutorial you will learn how to open a Pro Tools session with all the plugins inactive. This is important because sometimes plugins have issues with the registry or just become corrupt for ... watch the video


In this tutorial you will learn how to manually zoom in/out horizontally and vertically and also how to use the short cut keys to help expedite the process.

Zoom in: T
Zoom ... watch the video